One of the most respected, high quality universities in London and Kent, Greenwich has a proud tradition in education which dates back more than 125 years.

The University of Greenwich, home to one of the grandest university settings in the world (UNESCO World Heritage site), is a modern, leading university with strong links to business, whose many of its programmes include a work experience element. It has three campuses with the main one located on the banks of the River Thames in Greenwich, south-east London.

The university offers a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including accounting and finance, chemistry, agriculture, computing, engineering, pharmacy, sociology and more.

The University of Greenwich has a thriving international community with students from 140 countries. English language tuition and academic support are provided to all international students whose first language is not English through the Centre for Applied Research and Outreach in Language Education (CAROLE).

The mission of CAROLE is to study and develop knowledge of second language acquisition and to advance the quality of second language teaching and language learning.

It is the academic home to a diverse and talented community of more than 21,000 students in the UK. It also has more than 15,500 students studying with 30 partner academic institutions in 29 countries.

The university has won four Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education, including a 2015 prize for outstanding work in Africa. Greenwich has won international recognition for the quality of its world-leading research, which makes a real and practical difference to people’s lives. Its research is internationally renowned for making a contribution to science and to society.

Under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Professor David Maguire, the university has set itself the goal of achieving a top 50 rating in national university league tables, alongside a top 10 position in the London rankings.

International Vocational English Certificate:

Express Publishing is proud to announce its partnership with the University of Greenwich, London, UK. This cooperation marks the beginning of a new era, with the offering of two unique certificates aimed to enhance the language-specific qualifications of professionals from various fields. Candidates should have a minimum level of English Language knowledge at CEFR B1 (Intermediate).


For each field covered, the University of Greenwich will award two unique certificates:

Certificate of Attendance:

Awarded to the learner of vocational English who successfully completes any of the specialised vocational courses. All candidates will need to submit:

a) 7 written projects

b) 3 book tests

c) 21 quizzes

Certificate of Examination:

Awarded to the learner of vocational English who successfully completes any of the 60 minute specialised online/ paper-based exams.


Why choose the Vocational English Certificate (VEC):

Globalisation has brought endless opportunities in the professional arena. Therefore, having good communication skills in your chosen field is of paramount importance. Do not let the language be the barrier to your success.

-A unique International Certificate focusing on English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

VEC is an innovative exam that covers the widest variety of professions in the current market. As such, it provides a solid reference for your linguistic skills in your chosen career and can provide a competitive advantage on your CV.

-Test materials that reflect real workplace scenarios.

The exams are carefully designed by experts in each field and cover a variety of situations you are likely to encounter in your daily work environment.

-Professional development

The preparation for this exam will help improve your knowledge of basic English terminology within your respective vocation and/or profession. Use the language skills you learn immediately and for the rest of your career.

-Guaranteed quality of exam.

Both the preparatory course and the exam are designed and closely monitored by Express Publishing and validated by the internationally recognised University of Greenwich. The very strict criteria followed by both institutions make this a certificate that is relevant and up-to-date in the competitive global market.


1. Accounting
2. Agricultural Engineering
3. Agriculture
4. Air Force
5. Architecture
6. Art & Design
7. Banking
8. Beauty Salon
9. Business English
10. Call Centers
11. Civil Aviation
12. Command & Control
13. Computer Engeineering
14. Computing
15. Construction I – Buildings

16. Construction II – Roads & Highways
17. Cooking
18. Dentistry
19. Electrician
20. Electronics
21. Engineering
22. Environmental Engineering
23. Environmental Science
24. Finance
25. Firefighter
26. Fishing & Seafood Industry
27. Fitness Training
28. Flight Attendant
29. Food Service Industries
30. Hotels & Catering

31. Information Technology
32. Insurance
33. Kindergarten Teacher
34. Law
35. Logistics
36. Management I
37. Management II
38. MBA
39. Mechanic
40. Mechanical Engineering
41. Medical
42. Merchant Navy
43. Natural Resources II- Mining
44. Navy
45. Nursing

46. Nutrition & Dietetics
47. Petroleum I
48. Petroleum II
49. Physician’s Assistant
50. Physiotherapy
51. Police
52. Sales & Marketing
53. Secretarial
54. Security Personnel
55. Software Engineering
56. Sports
57. Taxi Drivers
58. Tourism
59. World Cup
60. Worldwide Sports Events